How to Handle an Intervention

doing an intervention

A patient was confessing that he was afraid to die because he was unmarried and had not received God’s promises of eternal life in the form of children. He was afraid to die because his earthly parents were struggling to survive and his parents were not Christians.

I was counseling him and reminded that God’s Word said that if anyone is to die, it is he who has faith in that Word. I reminded him that people had died for His Word. Jesus Himself told His disciples that anyone who believed in Him would not die but have everlasting life. everlasting life is not something that is acquired when we are old and feeble. It is a free gift of God. He wants us to break the cycle of sin and reconcile with Him. He wants us to know Him in such a way that our lives are meaningless without Him. He is broken hearted and desperate to see us walk in obedience to the Lord’s commandments.

Watch as God offered his perfect love to a dying man. It began with a loving smile and bragged about his beloved’s healing. At one point, the man began to shout that his wife had left him. I had no doubt that that was not the truth. I knew the kind of wife he was talking about. She had been faithful and true to her husband.

I held my wife’s hand in my arms and reminded myself to wait while holding her and singing to ourselves that her suffering was beginning to look less and less like a mystery and more and more like a salvation. I sang, “I’ll pretty muchHere for Jesus, no matter what,” over and over again till the end of the world.

I surrendered my will to His easy will and took out my frustration on His creation. We created something that although He has forgotten about, He cannot deny. It is our prize for simply accepting His love. Someday, Jesus might announce that He is indeed “Precious Father.” He reads our thoughts. He writes our words and generally controls our actions.

The simplest act of obedience would be for us to acknowledge that our lives are lived for Him and He alone. The Gospel is not a tool for our betterment but a cord with which to capture our transformations.

Action for God

I have taken that simple act as a Christian and an authentic witness, even at work where I own a concrete readymix near me supply company. I minister to people who are broken but the Lord transforms them. The gifts of His Holy Spirit wreak amazing powers on prone bodies that are already transformed. His power is made perfect in weakness.

action itself is transformation

The actions of a transformed person are life movements unleashed. In a myriad of small ways, His actions transform the lives of those who are his encounters. Life transformation is a community transformation, where those people come together to work out their circumstances, find victory and joy in each other. Every journey begins with a single step. Transformation can have many outcomes: healing, closure, renewed joy, personal transformation, and kettle of fish. We are transformed, falling on our faces for Jesus, laughing for Jesus, and worshipping for Jesus.

Are you transformed?

The Spirit of Truth and Revelation

The Spirit of Truth and Revelation

As Jesus waited upon and glorified the Father in his corporeal life, the Spirit will wait on and glorify Jesus in his spiritual life. This is what Jesus is saying here; that the Spirit will not glorify itself, but that Jesus’ Spirit will glorify the Father.

Truth is the object of the Spirit. And a truth is an invisible, spiritual reality that can only be reconciled with, or understood intellectually. We can only understand it through the Spirit’s revelation of truth.


Revelation is God revealing himself to us.

The bible says that God is silent, but we have been in his presence. That could not be said of any other object or situation. It is a silent object. Not a renamed object, but a silent object.

Revelation can therefore be seen as God speaking. “I am that I am”. Without speaking, the Spirit cannot clearly or fully show forth God. And without God’s leading Spirit speaking to us in revelation, we would not know much of God.


Everything in existence must be revealed in some way. A good example of that is providing enough Armstrong strength with road cases to trek across a rough trail.

Many in the world do not recognize that the trail of Armstrong was an invention of Levi. How did he know about it? It was a description of a famous daredevil climb designed and constructed by Levi to surpass the distance and endurance record that had been set by his companions on the ill-fated trip across the Himalayas.

And so every invention or creation of God must be brought to pass. It must accomplish its purpose.

Levi Levi himself discovered the strength of exclusion. Having invented a mode of transportation that could surpass the strongest competition and overcome the opposition, he took his invention to the Himalayas. It was a secret no one knew at the time.

THE scumbing away of such things and vices makes the Spirit of God powerful and prominent. It appears only when it is least seen. So, always remember that whatever occurs or may arise against the ‘majesty’ of God must be revealed in some way to its object.

Revelation brings the patience to stand still and trust.

The bible says that Jesus is the invention of my LORD. The same can be said of every prophet. Every time a prophet comes forth, he goes through the same thing. There is no precedent to help them. They happen by their own free will and by the strength of their inventiveness. Even the most experienced and Tradition-ciplined saints have to face hard challenges or even tougher temptations in their spiritual journey.

To have one’s capabilities enhanced and conditioned by visions of the Spirit is hard.

Remarkably, it is a capability that can be achieved by every human being, Christian or not. rightful son or daughter of the Spirit or spirit-beings, such as Jesus, shed their blood on the altar of God to be dipped in his own blood to keep their capabilities enhanced for the raising of the dead and to become true sons and daughters of God.

Any power that is not ours is of the devil and is to be thrown away by the recitation of the almighty “Thou Shalt NotISH” command in the name of Jesus.

JV Whenever you are in doubt, meditate on this verse and you will see its* vending power.

  • Just as a human body requires nourishment from it, spiritual power and ability requires nourishment from it too. The.* exceed the ordinary, so also can a spirit meet the extraordinary.

Whenever a spirit takes residence in your being, you become possessed. The spirit takes up occupy or dominance over territory, persons, situations or circumstances, and as such could jeopardize the life, liberty and happiness of the person being possessed.* Over and over again, throughout the ages, this has been recognized.* Thus, from a practical viewpoint, it appears likely that any being desperate for imparting supernatural power to others and for the salvation of mankind (and its proclamation) is reachable because of that person’s own personal experience of the “gift of the spirit.”

The next several principles are principles that have been increasingly Discovered, confirmed and published.* In the Greek New Testament.

There is no requirement for practitioners to have any particular beliefs or denomination to hold that certain standards of conduct are Beliefs and Principles:

  • That Christ revealed more mysteries of the kingdom of God than that which He became incarnate to explain;
  • That God has a plan for mankind which is good, brief and clearly defined;
  • That many of the revealed truths in the Bible were not revealed in the Old Testament, but only through the help of certain prophets;
  • That there is higher something, and lower things;

Why a Palm Beach, FL church needs a CPA

Church in Palm Beach, FL

Many churches may talk about sharing one’s blessings as they pass the collection plate, but they rarely do more than total up the collection and pay the bills. Yet this is often a mistake. Let’s learn why a Palm Beach, Florida church needs a CPA.

It Can Help Your Money Go Farther

If your church can get control over its income and its outgo, it could get on a strict budget. A budget is not a diet. It makes spending a deliberate decision. You don’t let someone redecorate an office because they’re bored or think that looking good equals doing good.

Church income tends to peak at Christmas and Easter and slack off shortly thereafter. A failure to save sufficiently from the excess results in shortfalls later in the year. To many churches resort to borrowing to pay for expenses you could plan for, be it a new roof or a replacement van. A CPA could help you get control of your money despite the irregular income, reducing the reliance on debt that eats into your future earnings. If you get on a plan that lets you pay down debt, the church will have more money in the future. A side benefit of this is allowing you to stay in the black during slow months.

Accountant Palm Beach

It Makes Stewardship More Than Yet Another Fundraiser

A surprising number of churches in Florida live a hand-to-mouth existence that isn’t much better than the seventy percent of parishioners who are living paycheck to paycheck. It is actually worse for churches, because their income is less reliable than a weekly paycheck. Many churches handle unplanned expenses by calling it stewardship. It doesn’t help your reputation when stewardship is associated with replacing the roof instead of planning a new church or building a new school building. And you avoid having to stall a building project or funding a mission until you can whip up enough enthusiasm to finish. Now stewardship becomes something meaningful.

It Could Benefit the Ministry

Most ministers are bi-vocational. This means that they’re paid little to nothing by the church, while they work in another role to pay their bills. If your church can get control of the spending and find ways to cut without hurting the ministry, you could pay a better salary to your ministerial staff. Now they aren’t trying to support their flock after work.

Furthermore, a budget means you don’t hire people you can’t afford to keep on staff, when letting them go is demoralizing for everyone involved. Now you can clearly delineate between paid and unpaid roles, though enthusiastic, competent volunteers should be first on the list should a paid position open up. But with a budget for ongoing and one-time events, they know how much money they have to work with. And they will make do with that while soliciting donations.

Palm Beach Tax Preparation

It Can Foster Positive Social Change

Suppose your church works with a Palm Beach CPA to plan a budget for the upcoming year. You have reviewed your expenditures and eliminated programs and expenses that aren’t value added. You have more money for your core purpose, taking care of your members. When you’re limiting spending on Sunday brunch and entertainment for the kids in the daycare, you have more money to buy food for the food bank or give to those about to be evicted. You could even discuss the virtues of budgeting and fighting debt. This could turn around the financial situation for many of your church’s members. And if they have more money at the end of the month, they have more money they can donate to the church. Discuss the value of regular giving and saving, and you may see a more reliable income stream, too.

How going to a Green Bay Packers Game is like going to Church

Green Bay Packers Cheesehead fan of Brett Favre


There are several characteristics which define religion or a church. To start with, the church believes in love where one does not seek his own good only but that of the neighbor too. Second, believes in dedication to a cause, salvation for instance. Lastly, and perhaps the most pronounced, the church is characterized by a sense of unity and collectiveness. Churches use the word fellowship. Attending a Green Bay Packers game is just like joining a religion or a church.

How going to a Green Bay Packers Game is like going to Church

To start with, when there is a Green Bay Packers game, the town lights up with excitement and energy. In fact, if you are not from around the area, you need to book a hotel early enough. Again, if you want to attend a game in time, you will need to prepare yourself well in advance, otherwise, you will miss out on attending the game.

Attending a Green Bay Packers game will help you experience the strong spirit of the fans as they cheer their team with passion and pride. It is estimated that one such game will have over 10, 000 fans. Again, it is estimated that 95 % of the fans wear a Packers garb. These include symbolic cheese heads, posters, and painted faces. Fans cheer and bounce to the last minute of the game.

cheesehead fan of the best Green Bay Packers players

Many Green Bay Packers are not just fans but owners too. Like a church which is dedicated to a cause, the fans want the best for the team. The team gives the fans an opportunity where fans can interact with the players.

Like a church which requires dedication, attending a Green Bay Packers game requires dedication. Dedicated church members go to for a service even in bad weather. When Green Bay Packers fans watch a game, there is no dome, and sometimes, they have to stand through freezing temperatures in ice, snow, and sleet.

A church spreads its tentacles not just in the compound, but to the neighborhood as well. Some churches have a national following, and even global. Green Bay Packers command a lot of following all over the country and as far as Canada.

Once you are initiated to join Green Bay Packers, you are going to be a fan for life. The fact that the team is a subject of discussion in a will and divorce shows that watching its games is as well as religion. Once you join the team as a fan, they is no going back.

green bay packers memorabilia sports helmet


Most definitely, you have watched Green Bay Packers game on the TV or have collected Green Bay Packer Collectibles. But failing to plan a trip down to Lambeau means you are missing a lot of fun. With as low as $ 82, you can watch the game live. However, you have to book the tickets early enough in order to take advantage of availability of tickets as well as favorable cost. Overall, watching a Green Bay Packers game is as well as joining a religion or a church.

Is Being Intoxicated Allowed in Christianity?

being drunk

Does the Christian faith permit drinking? This question continues to perturb churchgoers. Even preachers and pastors have failed to reach a consensus. Everyone agrees that the answer is complicated. It is also worth noting that attitudes towards drinking have changed drastically over the years.

For the longest time, drinking has frowned upon by the church. Most Christians believed that drinking of any kind was anathema and they preached passionately against it. But as the evangelical movement gained new ground, opinions on the issue started to transform.

Certain Christian circles began to argue that drinking wasn’t quite as unacceptable as church leaders and pastors had suggested. Today, many Christians drink. While churches don’t support the consumption of alcohol, they no longer oppose it, not with the same passion.

This has created further confusion among young Christians that do not understand whether they should support or oppose drinking. Among those circles that have debated the issue, this is the consensus that has been reached:

1). Semantics

There is a big difference between drinking alcohol in the Bible and being intoxicated. This is the one aspect that has emerged from discussions on this issue. Everyone agrees that drinking alcohol is not the same as being intoxicated.

To become intoxicated is to drink so much alcohol that your intelligence deteriorates and your senses become obfuscated.

did Jesus Drink?

2). Intoxication

It is believed that, while drinking alcohol isn’t all that bad, intoxication is unacceptable. The majority of Christians approve of this stance. They agree that there is no place for intoxicated Christians in the church. Their attitudes on this matter do not differ that drastically from the opinions of non-Christians. The public at large agrees that intoxication is unacceptable especially on the open road. In the last 50 years laws against driving while intoxicated haven stiffened. Just look at Texas Laws on drunk driving.

3). What the Bible Says

The decision to oppose intoxication among believers isn’t based on mere human understanding. It is drawn from the teachings of the Bible. Verses in books like Galatians, Timothy, and Peter speak quite vehemently against intoxication.

For the longest time, preachers used these same verses to argue that the Bible prohibited drinking. But in recent times, it has been determined that these verses and more speak against drunkenness. They warn believers to avoid the overconsumption of wine because it leads to debauchery.

Rather than being drunk with wine, Christians implored to be filled with the Holy Spirit. There are no books in the Bible that describe alcohol consumption as sin. In fact, Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding. Paul told Timothy to use wine to fight stomach ailments. So clearly, the Bible does not prohibit drinking. It only denounces intoxication.

what christians think about being drunk

4). Common Sense

Even though the church agrees with the Bible that drinking isn’t a sin, it has continued to caution Christians against drinking and drinking and driving. Preachers warn that alcohol is a trap. It is an addictive substance that can turn faithful believers into uncontrollable drunkards.

As far as many church leaders are concerned, Christians are better off abstaining from alcohol altogether. This is the only guaranteed means of avoiding intoxication. This warning has prevented devoted Christians from embracing alcohol en mass.