Overcoming the Hidden Horror of Hell

horrors of hell

I no longer believe that there is a hell. Don’t confuse lack of belief with a denial of its existence. I do believe that there is a hell, it’s just not the physical hell that Christians believe. It’s the internal hell of sin that eats one alive on the inside, gradually corrupting them, turning them into what’s ungodly simply by their thoughts and actions. The thing is, it’s not difficult to get into, its not like you have to plod and strain all your energy trying to overcome it. You don’t.

You don’t have to struggle with your conscience or a conscience seared with a hot iron throughout your life. All you have to do is choose to believe in a God out there somewhere who is going to take care of you, who is your Father and not the Devil. And you only have to believe once. That God is real and he is not a liar. That once you accepted Him as your Lord and Savior, He’ll forgive your sins and wash them away cast them into the Sea of Forgetfulness where they belong and don’t be afraid of bothering anyone during the whole course of your life to show Him that He is real and that He loves you., right?

There is no such thing as committing despicable acts of sin for punishment. There is no need. For if you are found to be engaging in such unforgivable things, you are not engaging in sin. You are simply making the devil’s accusations against you more credible by your behavior. So if God is not a liar and He is all good, what possible reason do you have to be negative and to treat your neighbors, equal to or more credible than yourself? What harm can befall one who chooses to be negative in attitude or behavior? Assume that you are speaking lightly and figuratively when you use condemnatory terms, such as… facingHell, becoming a laughingstock, going through a pounded, a poundedijah HagBegijah.

Don’t happen to agree with those who consider Hell as a literal place and God as the divisor of it. But contemplate the unchangeable character of the creator and think about the value of life if you are holding it. The fact is that life in reality is more precious than the in restraint of a literal place called Hell. It’s all in the attitude you have.

Living inspiration is thinking differently about life and imbuing it with more meaning. Life can be glorious when revered. Ways to think differently about real situations, presented in different perspectives, ways to see through the eyes of a sage and not a baby. To see it however, you have to believe that there is more to this world than you can see. There is a consciousness and a heart to your actions. To believe in it is to increase its value and worth.

Let’s say you are driving down the highway at sixty miles per hour, with the windows up and the radio on and you are headed to the job you love selling clear purses. This steady pace of speed and non-stop, roaring laughter of enjoyment is a balm of sorts. You may be driving and honking and waving but you are not in any rush to get to your destination. As long as the road remains clear, continue in the flow of your life. This is in fact the correct way to approach a car journey, at any speed you desire. Even though a journey may be more taxing than for most other things in life, you are there in spirit and soul.

The haste to fulfill some task in the world leaves no room for the PBS that your heart is comprised of. Feel your enthusiasm when you approach a task, hopefully it’s the task that is looking for your attention and value. If you can take the time to except what it is to be included in that particular moment then you are rewarded by its loving equality. Resentment, frustration and annoyance are just illusions. They may look for all the wrong reasons, and seem very real, but these are just in your mind. Reality is that all we are really interested in is the experience of our loved ones, friends and family; anything else inconsequential.Let your PBS be filled with PBS of happiness and true affection.