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How To Celebrate
Purim is the festival that commemorates the breathtaking victory over the murderous designs of Haman. It is observed on the fourteenth day of the Hebrew month of Adar. This joyous festival reveals the hidden Hand of G-d in the events of man. It is a day to be celebrated by the entire family - not only adults and boys and girls past Bar/Bas Mitzvah, but youngsters too should be encouraged to fulfill the mitzvot of Purim
Other Articles in this section:
The Mitzvot Of Purim

Listen to The Megillah * Listen to The Megillah * Give Gifts to the Needy * Eat The Festive Meal 
Megillah Reading

Men, women, and children must hear the Megillah on Purim night and again on Purim day. At night it should be read after tzeit hakochavim - stars... 
Mishlo'ach Manot - Sending of Edibles

Every person is obligated to send on Purim day, at least two portions of foods e.g. cake and wine, to at least one other person. A man should send... 
Matanot Le'evyonim - Gifts to the Poor

Every person is obligated to give on Purim day, at least two presents to two poor people (i.e. one to each). The present can be money or food... 
Purim Seudah - Festive Meal

It is customary to recite the afternoon service early in the afternoon and then hold the Purim feast. Even when the feast is prolonged past... 
Other Observances Of Purim

The Fast of Esther * Machatzit Hashekel * Special Prayers 
Drinking On Purim - Ad D'Lo Yoda

The Gemora quotes Rovo that "one is obligated liv'sumi on Purim ad d'loi yoda between 'cursed is Homon' and 'blessed is Mordechai'". 

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