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Preparing the Seder
The Seder Table
Three whole matzahs for the Seder plate, at least two per person preferably hand-made Shmurah matzah.


Four cups per person, at least 3.5 oz. per cup.


in which to dip the Karpas and hard-boiled egg.


The Seder Plate
A hard-boiled egg. Represents the sacrifice offered in the Holy Temple on Festivals. Also, a symbol of the birth of the Jewish nation.


A shankbone or chicken neck, roasted or boiled, with most of the meat removed. Symbolizes the Pascal sacrifice offered on the eve of the Exodus.


Bitter herbs; usually, horseradish and/or Romaine lettuce stalks.


A vegetable; customarily, a piece of fresh parsley, raw onion, or boiled potato.


A finely blended mixture of apples, pears, walnuts, and a small amount of red wine; symbolic of the mortar used by Israelite bricklayers enslaved in Egypt.


More bitter herbs, to be used for the "sandwich" during the Seder.

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