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Stories of "Other Purims"

Just as Purim is celebrated for the great redemption through which the Jews in all of the 127 countries Ahasuerus ruled were saved from annihilation, many other communities throughout the world have their own "Purims" marking their salvations.

Many communities even wrote their own megilot describing the miraculous events of their salvation. There are at least a score or more of these local Purims, in addition to celebrations established by individual families marking their own personal redemptions.

Other Articles in this section:
Purim - Made In Italy

Among the many special Purims celebrated by Jews throughout the world is the Purim of Fossano, Italy. Fossano is a town in Northern Italy at the... 
The Purim Of Basra

This miracle happened in the days of Suleiman Pasha, who governed Basra with justice and righteousness and treated the Jews kindly. Under the... 
The Purim Of Saragossa

The Purim of Saragossa was established in the year 1440, fifty- two years before the Jews were exiled from Spain. In the city of Saragossa, Spain... 
The Purim Of Cairo

This Purim, celebrated by the Jews of the Egyptian capital, was established in 1524 when the Turkish governor of Egypt, Ahmed Pasha, was involved... 
The Purim Of Rhodes

In 1840 the Jewish community on the island of Rhodes faced the terrible accusation of having killed a gentile child to use his blood in baking matza. 
The Purim Of Chios

This Purim, known as "Purim de la Senora" (the "Purim of the woman of honor"), commemorates an event in which a local Jewish woman foiled the plans... 

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