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Purim Schedule 5778
Purim 5778

Wednesday - Friday
13-15 Adar, 5778
February 28 - March 2, 2018

The Holiday of Purim includes the fast day called Taanis Esther, the day of Purim and the day of Shushan Purim. (Definition of terms will be found in the text.)

This year, (5778 - 2018) the dates and times are:
Shabbos Zachor
February 24
9 Adar
Special Torah Reading - Parshas Zachor - to be heard by all members of the family - men, women and children.
Taanis Esther
February 28
13 Adar
  • We fast from 3 hours before daybreak until after nightfall. This year, 5:08am - 6:16pm
  • Half-Shekel.
Purim Eve
Saturday Night
February 28
14 Adar
  • After nightfall, during the Maariv/Arvit services, the Megilla is read from a parchment scroll for all those who are present in the Synagogue. If one is unable to attend, a private reading should be arranged. Contact your local Chabad-Lubavitch center.
  • The Al Hanisim prayer is added in the evening Amida.
Purim Day
March 1
14 Adar
If one is unable to attend the synagogue, a special Megilla reading should be made at their location. Contact your local Chabad-Lubavitch center.
Shushan Purim
March 2
15 Adar
  • This day is celebrated as Purim Day in Jerusalem.
  • No Tachnun said.

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