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Chanukah on the 25th

QUESTION: Why did the miracle of Chanukah take place on the 25th of Kislev? ANSWER: In the desert, the construction of the Mishkan was completed... 
Guaranteed Pure Oil

QUESTION: What assurance did they have that the cruse was not touched by any of the Greek soldiers? ANSWER: This question is raised by... 
Celebrating 8 Days

QUESTION: Why is Chanukah celebrated eight days? The cruse of oil found was sufficient for the first day, so that the miracle was for only seven... 
Heightened Commitment

QUESTION: Why, in regard to lighting the Menorah, all homes conduct themselves in the manner of mehaderin min hamehaderin supremely scrupulous... 
Menorah In The Courtyard

QUESTION: The kindling of the Menorah took place in the Beit Hamikdash itself. Why did the Hasmoneans kindle it in the courtyard? 
The Dreidel and The Gragger

QUESTION: Why on Chanukah do we play with a dreidel and on Purim a gragger? ANSWER: The miracle of Chanukah was above the laws of nature... 
Festivities On The Fifth Day

QUESTION: Why do many synagogues hold festivities on the fifth day of Chanukah? ANSWER: The fifth day of Chanukah can never occur on a Shabbat... 

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