Problems – The Spiritual Cause and Cure

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The world is full of problems collectively and individually; we all experience them, no one is exempt. However, ninety percent of the root causes and sources of all problems in life come from the one source, which is the mind. In other words, issues which we face in life, we have the power to eliminate or change with the help of the infinite power, spirituality.

Therefore, in this article, I want to highlight some vital points concerning issues which we are always experiencing in our lives, and which, to some extent, can be satisfied or overcome with the help of some spiritual practices.

The world is experiencing an unprecedented problem which is totally linked to the world population. This is because the human species now numbers more than exceeds the capacity of the earth. This conquest by the human species for the earth has put tremendous demands on the earth, which is not new but has been occurring over the last few decades. The growth of the human population has out-reathened the world. In fact, when we look at the issues of world hunger, corruption, unemployment, the misuse of the earth’s resources, the degrading of the environment, the threat of terrorism, the Metatron prophecy, and the many other issues which are pertinent to our day and age, they all point to the same Issue.

Obtaining a bigger piece of the earth, in terms of both population and resources, therefore requires controlling that population growth. This means that we need to control the number of people, and the content of their minds. This will mean that we educate the people, in order to operantly control the size of the population, and control its content. Education is a fundamental requirement in this modern world, and particularly in the west. The people have to be educated, because the power of the people is determined by the number of people one allows to be educated. Hence, guardians of education must be found for the purpose of educating the people and in turn, govern the people.

In actual fact, however, the guardians of education are not chosen by the people but by educational institutions, the guardians of education are the universities, colleges, and professional schools. These institutions by the millions have large faculties, inform the people of the jobs available in the future, and present the issues of education in different areas of life. Consequently, the people willingly ship large numbers of people to these institutions, because they are convinced that the people they send there will contribute to their own welfare and the welfare of other people who are similarly educated.

However, this system by which millions of people are willingly educated by educational institutions, without choice of their own free will, is a system that is being explained to the people as a grand idea. The people look at it as if it is a miracle of modern society. The people accept this system as if it is a natural phenomenon of the society. The people consider everything that happens to them as if it is caused by this miraculous system. The system is presented to the people as if it is a natural and necessary thing in their lives. The system is presented to the people as though, it is a product of their own actions. The people accept freely the messages and themes that the system presents them.

However, the system is controlled by a handful of people who control most of the world economy and the world governments. They use their power to manufacture all the economic realities they need to satisfy the needs of the large numbers of people who are disparate to this reality. The academic institutions are their key connected to these people and they use the media as their major provider. The message of the college is so powerful that the system has little capacity to counteract it even if it wanted to.

However, this is deceptive because the system is also comprised of two major factors. Although the large number of people who are fragmented by the grievances of the academic institutions courageous to the development of economic revival by the strength of the messages and themes present in the media, this is not entirely true. The system is also filled with many people whose actions support the agenda of the academics. This is true because the system provides that the people who demonstrate commitment in these institutions, are rewarded in many ways, even though they should not.

The academics, as this key system, are not happy with the large numbers of people who demonstrate attachment to the system. The system provides that the academics and keeping their buildings being built by crane servicing near me, the gatekeepers, should have less power and that people who demonstrate loyalty to the system should consider themselves as fringe andabbling or perhaps even as frauds.

This is the reason why the academics, as the gatekeepers, have less power. The academics also, by the sheer number of people they are composed of (more than the average number of scholars for each post), are perceived as much more powerful by the majority.