What is Universal Truth?

What is Universal Truth?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 6 months, you’ve most likely heard the growing call for Universal Truth. Tired of seeing the world in a state of chaos caused by ignorance, greed and impending doom? We’re here to tell you that the good news is that the vista of the new human-created earth is very expansive indeed. Yes, it is a new earth, but not a new species.

Some of humanity is already living in a new earth and are enjoying the benefits of having a more spiritual approach to life. In fact, they are so enraptured by the yet unfathomable beauty of their panoramic view of the world that they could not help visiting the other regions of the globe to learn more about their native environments. This has allowed humanity to greatly expand its knowledge while eliminating many of the difficulties that previously was inherent to each country’s culture. But countries are still being formed as the earth continues to fulfil the necessary lapses to finally have all nations identify as one and honour their shared responsibility to its stewardship.

One of those challenging lapses involves creating a “paradigm” for the world to follow since each country has its own culture, rules of conduct and perceived laws. In order to create a consistent flow of communications, a universal language was needed. The benefits of doing so could be far-reaching to each country’s culture and economy. Continually honing the skills of the guardians of global heritage while creating a workable system for future fulfilment would significantly speed up the evolution of the world. It could be a great opportunity for a new wave of prosperity to actually penetrate the outer boards of global corporations and politics in a solid way. By establishing a consistent language that is recognized and publicly accessible by all governments and implementation of that language by all governments would create a solid platform upon which the Earth’s financial, scientific and social capital could thrive.

However, to assure the future of this vision there is a lot of work that must be done by each country to ensure that their individualised systems honour the sanctity of the global family of which they are a part. In addition, the laws of the World must also catch up with the will of the individual nations because the decisions that each country makes regarding how it executes its laws reflects a deeper criticism of the political structure that has allowed the game of Earth’s social terrain to be played out, and with the blossoming of the internet and user-friendly business models, the need for a true community based social networking platform has become crucial.

In the years to come, the growth of the internet will only be matched by the growth of the governments that will assist with the evolution of the platform.

Spiritual Liberation means the liberation, not just of persons, but of nations.”John Drmed modified by Corinnelevision

WE are a small but cohesive part of humanity, who have a shared goal of a better life for our beloved planet. As individuals, our paths will inevitably cross, and it is in this coherence that we can make a difference for humanity and for our own spirits. By banding together we can send out a strong message to the world that we demand a better way of life, one that recognises the environment and its cherished as a part of us.

If enough countries come in unity, perhaps the tax authorities of the world will see the light and the burden of the unjust rules that seek to trip the spirits of men and stand as a barrier to the free flow of information and commerce.

When governments work in tune with the will of their people, the people can do as Cayce has instilled in the 12 steps of healing by using a dot inspection. “As we heal, let us not forget those who need help: the physically sick, the emotionally disturbed, the mentally ill, the aged and those who are mistreated by others.”Let us examine these words carefully and see why each is so important to our future success.

physically – indicator of need, – needs to talk out-loud without interference – physically such as frail, sick, maladjusted or terminally ill.

emotionally – to find out whether a person is a willing participant or a deterring factor – depressed, sad, frustrated, needing rebuke or guidance.

mentally – faulty, confusing, haphazard, scattered, or simply not concentrating on a single point, – mentally I am unable to concentrate, – I am difficult to reach a point of closure regarding an issue or with someone.

spiritually – unable to distinguishing between what your wants and needs are, focusing on your own bodily needs as though these are more important than the needs of others, specialising in a special area such as relationships or needing to ‘do’ but not ‘be bothered’ with other people.