How to Handle an Intervention

doing an intervention

A patient was confessing that he was afraid to die because he was unmarried and had not received God’s promises of eternal life in the form of children. He was afraid to die because his earthly parents were struggling to survive and his parents were not Christians.

I was counseling him and reminded that God’s Word said that if anyone is to die, it is he who has faith in that Word. I reminded him that people had died for His Word. Jesus Himself told His disciples that anyone who believed in Him would not die but have everlasting life. everlasting life is not something that is acquired when we are old and feeble. It is a free gift of God. He wants us to break the cycle of sin and reconcile with Him. He wants us to know Him in such a way that our lives are meaningless without Him. He is broken hearted and desperate to see us walk in obedience to the Lord’s commandments.

Watch as God offered his perfect love to a dying man. It began with a loving smile and bragged about his beloved’s healing. At one point, the man began to shout that his wife had left him. I had no doubt that that was not the truth. I knew the kind of wife he was talking about. She had been faithful and true to her husband.

I held my wife’s hand in my arms and reminded myself to wait while holding her and singing to ourselves that her suffering was beginning to look less and less like a mystery and more and more like a salvation. I sang, “I’ll pretty muchHere for Jesus, no matter what,” over and over again till the end of the world.

I surrendered my will to His easy will and took out my frustration on His creation. We created something that although He has forgotten about, He cannot deny. It is our prize for simply accepting His love. Someday, Jesus might announce that He is indeed “Precious Father.” He reads our thoughts. He writes our words and generally controls our actions.

The simplest act of obedience would be for us to acknowledge that our lives are lived for Him and He alone. The Gospel is not a tool for our betterment but a cord with which to capture our transformations.

Action for God

I have taken that simple act as a Christian and an authentic witness, even at work where I own a concrete readymix near me supply company. I minister to people who are broken but the Lord transforms them. The gifts of His Holy Spirit wreak amazing powers on prone bodies that are already transformed. His power is made perfect in weakness.

action itself is transformation

The actions of a transformed person are life movements unleashed. In a myriad of small ways, His actions transform the lives of those who are his encounters. Life transformation is a community transformation, where those people come together to work out their circumstances, find victory and joy in each other. Every journey begins with a single step. Transformation can have many outcomes: healing, closure, renewed joy, personal transformation, and kettle of fish. We are transformed, falling on our faces for Jesus, laughing for Jesus, and worshipping for Jesus.

Are you transformed?