How going to a Green Bay Packers Game is like going to Church

Green Bay Packers Cheesehead fan of Brett Favre


There are several characteristics which define religion or a church. To start with, the church believes in love where one does not seek his own good only but that of the neighbor too. Second, believes in dedication to a cause, salvation for instance. Lastly, and perhaps the most pronounced, the church is characterized by a sense of unity and collectiveness. Churches use the word fellowship. Attending a Green Bay Packers game is just like joining a religion or a church.

How going to a Green Bay Packers Game is like going to Church

To start with, when there is a Green Bay Packers game, the town lights up with excitement and energy. In fact, if you are not from around the area, you need to book a hotel early enough. Again, if you want to attend a game in time, you will need to prepare yourself well in advance, otherwise, you will miss out on attending the game.

Attending a Green Bay Packers game will help you experience the strong spirit of the fans as they cheer their team with passion and pride. It is estimated that one such game will have over 10, 000 fans. Again, it is estimated that 95 % of the fans wear a Packers garb. These include symbolic cheese heads, posters, and painted faces. Fans cheer and bounce to the last minute of the game.

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Many Green Bay Packers are not just fans but owners too. Like a church which is dedicated to a cause, the fans want the best for the team. The team gives the fans an opportunity where fans can interact with the players.

Like a church which requires dedication, attending a Green Bay Packers game requires dedication. Dedicated church members go to for a service even in bad weather. When Green Bay Packers fans watch a game, there is no dome, and sometimes, they have to stand through freezing temperatures in ice, snow, and sleet.

A church spreads its tentacles not just in the compound, but to the neighborhood as well. Some churches have a national following, and even global. Green Bay Packers command a lot of following all over the country and as far as Canada.

Once you are initiated to join Green Bay Packers, you are going to be a fan for life. The fact that the team is a subject of discussion in a will and divorce shows that watching its games is as well as religion. Once you join the team as a fan, they is no going back.

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Most definitely, you have watched Green Bay Packers game on the TV or have collected Green Bay Packer Collectibles. But failing to plan a trip down to Lambeau means you are missing a lot of fun. With as low as $ 82, you can watch the game live. However, you have to book the tickets early enough in order to take advantage of availability of tickets as well as favorable cost. Overall, watching a Green Bay Packers game is as well as joining a religion or a church.