Why Churches Should Consider Using Concrete Art to Decorate

beautiful church concrete art

When you look at churches throughout the world, you notice all kinds of different art styles and materials used to help those pieces of art come to life. But, there is one material that is being heavily (no pun intended) overlooked, and that material is concrete. Here are some of the reasons why churches should invest in concrete art:

1) Its Price

2) Durability

3) Easy to Use

4) It is Good For the Environment

Now, let us dig deeper into each one of those four points that we mentioned above.

1 The Price that Comes with Concrete Art

Unlike some materials and mostly art made out of metal, concrete is almost as cheap as dirt. In most cases, you can get 5 pounds of concrete for a dollar. If you have a member of your denomination and your church how is great or competent with making statues or other kinds of sacred art, using concrete to create statues around or inside the church could be saving a lot of money.

cross in concrete art

2 How Durable it is

While other materials chance and get weaker over time, the exact opposite is true of things made out of concrete. If you create or install concrete art in or around your church you are looking at an investment that will not require any additional costs. The maintenance of art made out of concrete is very cheap, rare, and easy. On average, a piece of art made out of concrete will last up to 50 years longer than pieces of art made out of other types of materials, keeping all its traits and stability. Some materials succumb to rust, wood for example rots with time or when it is exposed to a dump environment. With concrete, you don’t have to worry about that. It is resistant to all that, and also you can be sure that it will stay exactly the same after a fire, earthquake, or flood.

3 Easy to Use

Carbon is one of the easiest materials to use, shape, and form. If you are using it yourself, or if you hire someone to create the work fo art for you, you can be sure that it will be done fast. Art made out of stone or metal takes a lot of time, and time is money. With concrete, all you need is someone who is either good with their hands or knows their way around a cast. With a bit of a blessing from above, you can have a churchyard full of stunning statues in no time.

mosaic made of concrete

4 It is Good For the Environment

When you use concrete to create art for your church you are leaving the smallest amount of carbon footprint possible. But not only that, concrete art is the most recyclable type of art that exists today. When you compare the emissions form an average piece of art made out of concrete and an average piece of art with the same dimensions but made out of wood, the differences in CO2 emissions are astounding. The piece of art made out of wood will produce up to 3 times more CO2 than the piece of art made out of concrete.