What Steps Should a Church Take if the Want to Construct a Commercial Kitchen onto their building?

church commercial kitchen

Commercial kitchen design isn’t the sort of topic that occupies the minds of churchgoers. However, for some pastors and administrators, a commercial kitchen is one of their church’s most important components. If they have one, a commercial kitchen takes a lot of time and effort to maintain and manage.

If they don’t have one, it will take even more time and effort to add one to your church. The question you have to ask yourself is whether or not the benefits of the kitchen are worth the resources you have to spend to establish it.

What Type of Kitchen Does Your Church Need?

Before you settle on a commercial kitchen design, you must first identify the type of kitchen you want. Many churches are quick to conclude that their premises require a commercial kitchen, especially large churches with massive structures. However, this isn’t always the case.

The type of kitchen you will construct will depend on the purpose you want it to serve. The type of kitchen also determines the legal requirements you have to meet. Of all the kitchen types, commercial kitchens are the most troublesome where the law is concerned. They are expected to satisfy a multitude of health and safety codes before the authorities can give you the green light to open them.

This is why church administrators are encouraged to ensure that they actually need a commercial kitchen before they construct one. As was mentioned before, the need will determine the type of kitchen. For instance, some kitchens do not prepare food.

The cooks use the facilities to heat and assemble food that was transported from elsewhere. These are called warming kitchens. If your food is prepared in another location, your church can get by with a warming kitchen that will heat and assemble the food.

However, just because the food is prepared in your church doesn’t mean you need a commercial kitchen. Commercial kitchens only enter the picture in situations where the church wants to serve food to the public. That doesn’t include their congregation.

Churches can serve food to the public for any number of reasons. Some of them feed the homeless for free. Others contribute food to poor schools in the area that cannot afford to feed their students. You also have churches that sell food to the public.

A church that serves food to its congregation can technically classify its facility as a residential kitchen. This isn’t always the case. But in many regions, your local authorities will ignore your church activities if your congregation is the only recipient of the food your serve.

If your church serves food to people besides the congregation, the authorities will classify their facility as a commercial kitchen, and they will expect the kitchen to meet all the relevant requirements as a result.

Church administrators are expected to consult code officials before they take any concrete steps to construct a commercial kitchen. A code official will provide guidance on whether or not a church facility counts as a commercial kitchen.

Though, it should be noted that the assessment made before you begin construction might vary from the assessment your kitchen will receive once it is finished. At the end of the day, your church shouldn’t aim for a commercial kitchen design unless they are convinced that it is absolutely necessary.

Once you consult your local authorities, you might be surprised by the number of requirements a commercial kitchen is supposed to meet, not to mention the expenses attached.

How To Construct A Commercial Kitchen in your Church?

You cannot add a commercial kitchen to your church without proper planning. The process will most likely involve the following:

1). Purpose

As was noted before, you should take a moment to determine the purpose of your kitchen. Even if you have already decided to construct a commercial kitchen, the commercial kitchen design will depend heavily on the purpose the facility is supposed to play. You should also account for the number of people the kitchen will serve.

2). Expert Assistance

You don’t have to understand how commercial kitchens work. You can just hire experts. That includes experienced architects and contractors that can be trusted to create a plan, produce a budget, and construct the kitchen.

You cannot add a commercial kitchen to a church by simply inserting a few cookers and countertops. You have to consider factors like ventilation, drainage, and plumbing. A professional can analyze your building to identify the best place to construct your kitchen.

If you have already identified a space for the kitchen, an expert can also find a way to install the kitchen despite challenges concerning the power, plumbing, drainage, and ventilation.

3). Features

A kitchen requires certain features and attributes to pass inspection. That includes doors, windows, a drainage system for the sinks and washers, and fire detection and suppression systems, to mention but a few. You must also adjust the lighting to meet the relevant safety standards.

Your contractor will inject all these considerations and more into your plan before settling on a budget. However, this is why it is important to make a plan. A commercial kitchen might be more difficult and more expensive to install in some places than others.

For instance, if the space you have chosen doesn’t have any ventilation and plumbing systems in the vicinity, you have to spend a lot more money to add those systems to the room you have selected before you can construct the kitchen.

You generate a budget by simply considering the cost of installing the kitchen and its features. You must also consider the additional components your kitchen needs to operate and which you must add to your church beforehand.

Some churches have abandoned their plans for a commercial kitchen because their costs ballooned significantly, exceeding their original budget.

4). Design

Once you resolve all the budgetary and construction complications, you can settle on a commercial kitchen design. If you have the financial means, you can also include a seating area for your congregation.

5). Location

You are expected to select a location before you settle on a design. However, sometimes, the commercial kitchen design you have selected can compel you to change the location. At the very least, once your contractor reveals the look of the kitchen and the components that must be added to support it, you should take a moment to reconsider the location.

First of all, if your budget has grown because the room you selected doesn’t have the amenities needed to support a kitchen, make an effort to identify a new location, preferably one that can support the kitchen’s plumbing, drainage, and ventilation needs.

Secondly, you cannot ignore the fact that the construction of a commercial kitchen is an inconvenience for you and your congregation. Any additional drainage, plumbing, and ventilation systems that must be installed will interfere with the business of your church. In some cases, your contractor may encourage you to close the church altogether until the project is complete.

But that is only one part of the equation. You should also take a moment to consider the impact a fully functional commercial kitchen will have on the operations of your church, especially if the kitchen is expected to remain in operation during church services.

You cannot afford to position a busy kitchen in a location that would cause its activities to disrupt your congregation during a sermon. This is particularly true for kitchens that feed the public. If you expect large crowds to stream in and out of the kitchen at all hours of the day, even on Sundays, you should find a room that is distant enough to prevent the activities of the kitchen from becoming a distraction.

Crowds are not your only concern. You have to keep in mind the noise and the smells that commercial kitchens generate.

6). Licensing and Inspection

You cannot operate a commercial clinic without a license. To get a license, the health department in your area has to inspect your kitchen. You can have your commercial kitchen design reviewed before you start construction.

The health department will keep you from making mistakes that may prevent you from securing a license down the line. Once your kitchen is complete, it has to be inspected. If it passes the inspection, you will get a license. Though, you have to pay several fees along the way. You must renew the license every year.

Is a Commercial Kitchen a Viable Asset?

Commercial kitchens are so expensive to construct that no one would fault you for taking a moment to question whether it is a viable investment for your church. If you have already decided to add a kitchen to your church and your congregation has asked you to justify the cost, commercial kitchens have three benefits:

1). Ministry – First of all, commercial kitchens are a great ministry tool. As was noted before, you can use them to feed the homeless and to make food for struggling organizations like schools.

2). Fellowship – You can use your church kitchen to create lasting bonds between your church members by organizing lunches and dinners. It is so much easier to plan such events when you have facilities inside the church to prepare the food. You don’t have to leave your function’s food-related requirements in the hands of an external party.

3). Revenue – Commercial kitchens are a great source of additional revenue for churches. Because they are so expensive, not everyone that wants a commercial kitchen can afford to build one. As such, you can rent your church kitchen out to other organizations on the days when you don’t need it.

Some companies would happily pay a fair monthly or annual fee to use your kitchen on a regular basis. if you don’t want other people to use your kitchen, you can sell the food you make. You might be surprised by the amount of money you can make from a fully functional commercial kitchen.

Factors to Consider When Constructing a Commercial Kitchen For Your Church

Commercial kitchens are not always the same. However, they tend to share certain attributes which you have to take into account as you consider commercial kitchen designs, including:

1). Size

Commercial kitchens are larger than normal kitchens. This is a given. For instance, they are expected to accommodate at least 50 seats, with each seat occupying 0.5 square meters. Keep this in mind as you consider potential rooms and locations.

2). Lighting

Everyone understands the importance of installing proper ventilation. You need a specific number of openings and they should be protected to prevent insects and rodents from using them to enter your kitchen.

But few people realize the important role that the lights play. Because kitchens are designed to produce food, which is a sensitive product, they must be brightly illuminated. Ambient lighting isn’t enough.

3). Floor

The floor should be smooth and easy to wash. The edges should incline towards a gutter. The walls should be just as smooth and washable. They require a light color.

4). Equipment

Your commercial kitchen design should include slots for your equipment. The average commercial kitchen requires a variety of tools. That includes stainless steel tables that will hold the food as you prepare it.

You need a cooktop with several burners and individual knobs that control them. Naturally, you can’t have a kitchen without a sink. Some people prefer stainless steel sinks. Others favor ceramic. As you might have guessed, one isn’t enough. The vegetable and meat sections are not supposed to share a sink.

Other notable tools include a dishwasher and a fridge. The commercial kitchen design you select should take into account the traffic the kitchen will receive. Think about the number of people the kitchen will accommodate and the way you expect them to flow in and out.

You should clearly mark the routes leading people into the kitchen and out of it. Don’t forget to account for the rooms that connect to the kitchen. That includes the pantry and the storage room. Their presence will affect the flow of traffic.

As you can probably tell, commercial kitchens are quite complicated. Your church needs all the professional help it can get to construct a kitchen that can serve the purpose you have in mind without exceeding your budget.

Why Should a Leesburg Church Call a Plumber if They’re Having Plumbing Issues

Leesburg, Florida plumbing for churches

No matter if you are a part of a Leesburg church or a business, there are always hidden issues that spring fort and take away your attention from your basic obligations to other things. A lot of people tend to try and solve those issues by themselves. Plumbing and handiwork in general is one such thing. But people should not do something so sensitive and complex all by themselves. They think that just tightening a few loose screws is all that it takes, but that is not what plumbing is for the most part. So if you are a priest or pastor in charge of a church, call, and expert and let them figure out your plumbing issues. There are a lot of wonderful and capable plumbers in plumbers in leesburg fl and here is a list of reasons why you might need to contact one of them right away:

1 Your Pipes are Leaking

2 The Toilet Keep Running for Hours

3 Slow Drain

Leesburg, Florida plumbing

1 Your Pipes are Leaking

Now, this is probably one of those archetypal issues that everyone thinks that they can solve by themselves. An amateur will look at leaking pipes and conclude that they just need to be tightened. But that is not true. Pipes that leak need a lot more attention since they could mean a lot of different and complex issues. Here are just some of them

a Corrosion

b Issues with the Seal of the Pipe

c Something is clogging the pipes

d Damaged Joints

e Serious issues with Water Pressure

2 The Toilet Keep Running for Hours

Florida Churches are places of worship, silent contemplation, and so on. So imagine you have your congregation in silent prayer but they all start to hear something. It’s the toilet, it just simply can not stop running. And, it keeps going on and on. You have prepared a wonderful sermon, but it is now ruined. Your flock simply can’t focus on your words from all the noise the toilet is making. That is why you should have called a professional plumber. He or she would probably figure out that there is something wrong with your water pressure. They would do everything necessary and fix the issue for you.

Leesburg, Florida Plumbers

3 Slow Drain

As we have mentioned earlier, people will not take some of these plumbing issues seriously. Another example of such an issue is a slow drain. When an amateur looks at it they think it’s something that will go away all by itself. But when plumbers in leesburg fl look at this issue, they see a lot of potential issues. One such issue could potentially be weak or irregular water pressure. Or in some other cases, the slow drain could be an issue with mineral or other types of sediment building up in and around the rim of the faucet or toilet. A professional will know what to do. They will look at all the options and select the best. Be sure to contact a proven, experienced plumber in Leesburg FL. They will also instruct you on maintenance so that your future plumbing fees decrease exponentially.

why a Bourbonnais, IL Church Needs Residential Waterproofing

waterproofing Bourbonnais, IL church

Because flooding is one of the most common natural disasters in the world, residential waterproofing Bourbonnais IL is vital to your church. If flooding isn’t a threat in your area, your church isn’t immune to overflowing gutters, unsealed bricks, uninsulated roofs, and the like.

If your church develops leaks, it could suffer costly damage, not to mention attracting unwanted complications such as insect activity and mold. Waterproofing solves this problem. By using a variety of tactics and tools, contractors can protect your church from external sources of water.

They can also reduce humidity within the church whilst also preventing clogging. Residential waterproofing serves a variety of purposes for a Bourbonnais, IL church, including:

1). As was noted above, waterproofing will prevent your church from developing mold.

People think that mold is just a simple inconvenience. However, it is a threat to your health. Left unchecked, it will infiltrate your body through the eyes, nose, ears, and skin, causing ailments such as rashes and asthma. Mold is a toxic substance whose manifestation can be prevented by keeping moisture out of your church via effective residential waterproofing.

 Bourbonnais Waterproofing

2). Waterproofing is surprisingly good for the environment.

This is because it enhances the insulation of your home by sealing all unwanted openings and cracks. This prevents heat from escaping whilst also keeping the cold outside. As a result, it lowers your energy costs by enhancing the effectiveness of your heating system.

3). If your church’s utility bill doesn’t concern you, the role waterproofing plays in protecting your storage units will appeal to you.

Most Illinois churches lack proper storage facilities. They keep many of their valuables in basements, attics, and any available corners and crevices on the premises. This is a perfectly acceptable way to store your books, clothing, furniture, and the like.

However, if you have a leak, it would destroy all your valuables. Even if leaks are not an issue, the presence of moisture can ruin these items by introducing mold. Residential waterproofing will make your storage areas more secure by protecting them from flooding, leaks, and moisture. It will keep the interior of your church premises dry regardless of the weather.

Bourbonnais exterior waterproofing

4). Residential waterproofing Bourbonnais IL will protect the integrity of your church building. Water is a powerful element. It can infiltrate your foundation, ceiling, and walls, compromising the entire structure.

Sometimes, the damage is so severe that the building in question is condemned, forcing the owner to tear it down. If you don’t want to contend with costly repairs, hire a contractor to waterproof your church. They will protect your investment from leaks and flooding, preventing water damage in the long run.

It is also worth noting that proper residential waterproofing Bourbonnais IL can increase your church’s value. If you are ever tempted to sell the property, potential buyers will scrutinize it carefully. If they find signs of water damage in the walls, the value of the church could plummet. You might find it all but impossible to sell the building. Waterproofing protects your investment.

Why a Church Should Consider Having Gouldian Finches in Their Lobby

church lobby should have gouldian finches

The lobby is the first place your congregation sees whenever they come to your church. Its design could determine your ability to attract and retain new members. Even if your old members are loyal to your church, and they are unlikely to abandon it because of the shabby appearance of your lobby, you are still encouraged to enhance its appearance.

This will encourage your members to congregate in the area, and to use the lobby to engage and interact with one another after church. If you can keep your members engaged in the lobby, it will give you an opportunity to talk to them. And what leader doesn’t want to connect with his church members after a riveting service?

If you don’t know how to spruce up your lobby, consider adding some Gouldian finches. The birds, which are native to Australia, have so much to offer. For instance:

1). Appearance

Gouldian finches are very beautiful. People keep them because their plumage is so gorgeous. It would be easy to populate your lobby with art pieces and flowers. But a finch is far better because it is just as colorful as the most attractive flower and yet it is alive. You can find finches in a variety of colors.

price of gouldian finch

2). Song

Like many birds, finches sing. Some people dislike their sound. But most of your church members are bound to enjoy it. It will add some energy to the quietest days, giving the people in the vicinity something to listen to. You don’t have to worry about the birds disrupting service. They make noise but they are not that loud.

If anything, they will enhance the sermon with their sounds by complementing your preacher’s voice.

3). Activity

Gouldian finches don’t like humans. This makes people think that they are anti-social but that isn’t true. Finches are quite playful with one another, especially if they are kept in a spacious cage. Your church members, both young and old, will enjoy watching these creatures as they frolic.

This is another reason why they are preferable to plants and art pieces. You cannot rely on an art piece to entertain you. The same is true for plants and flowers. They are static items that never move. Birds like finches, on the other hand, will keep your visitors entertained for several hours on end, particularly if you have several birds.

gouldian finches

4). Human Interaction

The problem with keeping pets in a public space is that people are always trying to pet them. This is a problem because such human interaction can give the pets in question the opportunity to escape.

Some pets entice people to touch and pet them with their behavior. But gouldian finches are different. As was noted above, they hate human interaction. Therefore, no one will fault you for putting up signs that discourage people from touching them.

More importantly, finches won’t invite human interaction. You don’t have to worry about hapless visitors accidentally opening their cages and setting them loose. Your church members will be content to simply look at them.

How Does a Church do Debt Restructuring?

church debt restructuring

Churches are a place of worship and internal, spiritual improvement. But, in times like these, even churches have to focus on the material and try to run like a business. But it is hard for businesses these days, even if they are churches. Some of them have to go into debt just to say afloat and offer their congregation a place of worship. In this article, we will go through all the reasons why a church should go through debt restructuring.

1 The Definition of Debt Restructuring

2 How to Restructure the Debt of Your Church

3 Filling for Bankruptcy instead

1 The Definition of Debt Restructuring

The process of restructuring debt is a process where a party that is under financial problems refinances its current debt in a way that will hopefully give it time and flexibility to take care of the initial debt. The biggest reason why a church should restructure debt is that it can manage its financial load more easily in the future. The new, restructured debt should give the church more options going forwards, as well as a much better opportunity to become debt-free in the future.

church debt restructuring

2 How to Restructure the Debt of Your Church

Luckily for your church, there are quite a few ways you can do debt restructuring.

1 Find a way to Increase the Maturity Date – Every loan has a set period upon which every single dollar of your debt needs to be a pain. But, in some cases, banks will be open to negotiation about the maturity date of your loan. Use this opportunity, if it appears for you, to restructure your debt and give your church more time to heal financially.

2 Creating a Building Fund – You can create a building fund for your church by transferring some funds that you have in your church budget to this newly formed building fund. This is probably one of the best and most stable ways to restructure a church debt. It will also give the church a great strategy to finalize all its obligations to its debtors.

3 The help of a Third Party– If you can reach out to your creditors and inform them that you wish the restructure your debt with the help of a third party, they will most likely be very happy to comply. This could also mean that you could get a certain amount of your debt written off.

debt restructuring for churches

3 Filling for Bankruptcy instead

Sometimes, when you are out of options and can not pay your loan on time, you will be forced to declare bankruptcy. But, bankruptcy is not the end of all things, it is not some financial end of the world. What bankruptcy really means is that you, the church, your creditors and the court will need to get together and figure out a legal way for the church to repay its debt. In most cases, the church will have to offer something that is of similar value to the debt that needs repaying. If that is not possible, the church has to go into liquidation.

Why a West Palm Beach Church Should Hire a Commercial Locksmith when Changing their Locks

West Palm Beach Church needs a locksmith

If you are considering changing your locks on the doors of your church in West Palm Beach, there are some very important things to consider. The most important by far is that of contracting a commercial locksmith. Why you might inquire. Well, just look at all the wonderful benefits listed below.

1 You get the best of the best

2 You get your very own Master Key System

3 Minimize the success of a potential break-in

4 You will get a Florida locksmith who gradually improves upon your security

5 CCTV System

West Palm Beach commercial locksmith

1 You get the Best of the Best

When you hire an experienced commercial locksmith you can be sure that he represents the top of his industry. It takes a lot of skill, will determination, and experience to survive in that business. So if you have located a person who has worked as a commercial locksmith West Palm Beach, you can be sure to hire him or her for your church.

2 You get your very own Master Key System

Unlike hobby locksmith who just dabbles in the field, a commercial locksmith West Palm Beach comes with one major advantage and benefit. He or she can install a Master Key for you. That means that with just one key you can check every single room under your watch. Naturally, such a key can be duplicated, so that you can share it with some of your closest coworkers or someone of the highest trust in your church. We are sure that there are many wonderful, trustworthy people in your church in West Palm Beach.

3 Minimize the Success of a Potential Break-in

We live in times that are becoming more and more dangerous for all of us. There have been reports of people breaking in and stealing things from the holiest of places in Florida. This devilish danger lurks around the corner, even in the case of your church, in your delightful community. A commercial locksmith will upgrade your security system. If your locks have been damaged during a real break in than you don’t need to fret. The commercial locksmith will replace the damaged lock.

West Palm Beach certified locksmith

4 You will get a West Palm Beach Locksmith who Gradually Improves your Security

When you hire a commercial locksmith West Palm Beach and build a generous relationship with him or her, you can be sure that they will keep you updated about every potential progress in their field. When one looks at doors one will get the wrong impression. People usually thing that locks and doors haven’t improved in centuries. But that is far from true. Every technology improves, even doors and locks.

5 CCTV System

In addition to all the wonderful things they will do to your doors and locks, commercial locksmiths are licensed to and able to install a sophisticated CCTV system in and around your church. If you are experiencing weird noises or unfamiliar faces around your church late at night, you might be better of installing some additional help in the form of a CCTV system. With a CCTV, you will play your part in stopping crime and alerting the police before a break-in happens.

How Should a Sacramento Church Go About Hiring a General Contractor?

Sacramento Home Improvement Contractor
38.5816° N, 121.4944° W

Are you thinking about doing renovations at your Sacramento church? Is there some construction work that requires your immediate attention? How can you hire the best general contractor Sacramento on the market?

This question matters. If you hire the wrong general contractor, they will saddle you with reparation costs emanating from all the mistakes and errors they will make. Some general contractors are frauds that never complete their projects. A shocking number go out of their way to exaggerate their costs, cheating you out of your hard-earned money.

If you hate the hassle of hiring a General Contractor Sacramento but you need one all the same to oversee your church projects, this is what you should do:

1). If you don’t know where to find general contractors, get recommendations from your friends and family members that have used Sacramento general contractors in the past.

They will point you in the direction of trustworthy contractors. You can also do the same with other church administrators. Ask them to recommend contractors they have used to their satisfaction for church projects in the past.

If you don’t know anyone that can provide a decent recommendation, a Google search should provide you with ample options to choose from.

Sacramento General Contractor

2). Add as many Sacramento contractors to your list as possible.

The more general contractors you have to consider, the more opportunities you have to locate a truly enticing offer. You can whittle them down by looking at their credentials. Focus your attention on contractors that are present in the ‘Contractors State License Board’ database.

Such general contractors are easier to trust because they are legal entities that have all the to operate legally in California. Don’t judge a general contractor based on the licenses and permits they present. Those can be faked. Authentic general contractors are present in the databases of the organizations that licensed them.

3). Once you narrow your list down to a few candidates, you can start calling them.

Describe the project to them, the scope, the specific requirements, the budget, everything they need to know to provide you with an accurate estimate. Look for contractors that match your budget.

Sacramento remodeling

4). Once you narrow your list even further, you can schedule face-to-face interviews with the candidates that survived the elimination process.

Once you meet them, try to determine whether or not they can answer your questions to your satisfaction. The best California contractors will put all your fears to rest.

5). Verify all the information your chosen contractors have provided.

Look for references that can authenticate their claims regarding the quality of their services. Look for proof that they are sufficiently insured to protect your project from liabilities. Delve into their history to ensure that they have the experience required to tackle your project.

6). Put everything in writing.

Produce a contract detailing the facts upon which you have agreed with your chosen contractor, including the payment schedule, start date, completion date, cost, etc.

Remain in constant communication with the general contractor Sacramento. They need to know that you require regular updates from them. This will allow you to track their progress without consuming too much of your time.

Why a Jacksonville, FL Church Should Hire a Professional Company for Floor Removal

Jacksonville, Florida Floor removal for church

Some churches in Jacksonville are quick to dismiss the notion of hiring a flooring removal Jacksonville professional. They think they can get by with the assistance of the laypeople in their congregation. In fact, some church leaders are convinced that, with their experience, they can tackle the floor removal process themselves.

But that is a mistake. Any Jacksonville, FL church that requires floor removal should consider hiring a professional company. They have so much to offer, including:

1). Safety

This is one of the most important considerations where floor removal is concerned. The process is dangerous. You have to work with powerful tools such as saws, hammers, and nails. It won’t take much of an inexperienced worker to step on a sharp object, inhale asbestos, or cut themselves.

Professional companies use competent contractors that have a lot of experience with floor removal. More importantly, they know what it takes to stay safe while they work. They understand all the hazards that must be avoided on a worksite.

Jacksonville Flooring Demolition

2). Debris

Every flooring removal Jacksonville company will tell you that flooring removal is messy. The process will produce dust and debris. This is why some churches struggle with DIY projects. They have no idea what to do with all the vinyl strips, wooden boards, and concrete chunks they have taken out of the floor.

A professional company eliminates this worry. They have waste removal protocols that are designed to safely dispose of all the debris generated by the flooring removal process. They have contracts with service providers that can recycle some of that debris. They will take this particular problem off your hands.

3). Experience

As was noted above, professional contractors have a lot of experience. This matters because experienced contractors are less likely to make mistakes. They understand the complications that can arise and they are prepared to circumvent them. They have encountered similar issues at other worksites and they know what to expect.

Jacksonville Surface removal service

4). Insurance

Admittedly, no amount of experience can completely eliminate the possibility of mistakes and errors. But even when things go wrong, professional contractors have insurance. This is a pre-requisite in many regions. To operate legally, they are expected to secure a suitable insurance policy.

This is why you are better off using a Florida professional flooring removal company. If you make a mistake that compromises your entire church, you have no choice but to incur the costs of repair. But if a professional makes a mistake, their insurance will cover the reparation expenses. This removes the risk associated with the flooring removal process.

5). Tools

The problem with removing all your church’s floors yourself is that you have to buy all the supplies and tools you need to get the job done. A professional flooring removal Jacksonville company is already armed with all the tools and supplies its workers need to remove your floor.

Even if you have the tools required to remove your floor, and you are willing to cover the reparation costs if you make a mistake, it is simply easier to hire a professional. With an experienced contractor on hand, you can sit back and relax as the company does all the hard work.

Why Churches Should Consider Using Concrete Art to Decorate

beautiful church concrete art

When you look at churches throughout the world, you notice all kinds of different art styles and materials used to help those pieces of art come to life. But, there is one material that is being heavily (no pun intended) overlooked, and that material is concrete. Here are some of the reasons why churches should invest in concrete art:

1) Its Price

2) Durability

3) Easy to Use

4) It is Good For the Environment

Now, let us dig deeper into each one of those four points that we mentioned above.

1 The Price that Comes with Concrete Art

Unlike some materials and mostly art made out of metal, concrete is almost as cheap as dirt. In most cases, you can get 5 pounds of concrete for a dollar. If you have a member of your denomination and your church how is great or competent with making statues or other kinds of sacred art, using concrete to create statues around or inside the church could be saving a lot of money.

cross in concrete art

2 How Durable it is

While other materials chance and get weaker over time, the exact opposite is true of things made out of concrete. If you create or install concrete art in or around your church you are looking at an investment that will not require any additional costs. The maintenance of art made out of concrete is very cheap, rare, and easy. On average, a piece of art made out of concrete will last up to 50 years longer than pieces of art made out of other types of materials, keeping all its traits and stability. Some materials succumb to rust, wood for example rots with time or when it is exposed to a dump environment. With concrete, you don’t have to worry about that. It is resistant to all that, and also you can be sure that it will stay exactly the same after a fire, earthquake, or flood.

3 Easy to Use

Carbon is one of the easiest materials to use, shape, and form. If you are using it yourself, or if you hire someone to create the work fo art for you, you can be sure that it will be done fast. Art made out of stone or metal takes a lot of time, and time is money. With concrete, all you need is someone who is either good with their hands or knows their way around a cast. With a bit of a blessing from above, you can have a churchyard full of stunning statues in no time.

mosaic made of concrete

4 It is Good For the Environment

When you use concrete to create art for your church you are leaving the smallest amount of carbon footprint possible. But not only that, concrete art is the most recyclable type of art that exists today. When you compare the emissions form an average piece of art made out of concrete and an average piece of art with the same dimensions but made out of wood, the differences in CO2 emissions are astounding. The piece of art made out of wood will produce up to 3 times more CO2 than the piece of art made out of concrete.