Problems – The Spiritual Cause and Cure

education issues

The world is full of problems collectively and individually; we all experience them, no one is exempt. However, ninety percent of the root causes and sources of all problems in life come from the one source, which is the mind. In other words, issues which we face in life, we have the power to eliminate or change with the help of the infinite power, spirituality.

Therefore, in this article, I want to highlight some vital points concerning issues which we are always experiencing in our lives, and which, to some extent, can be satisfied or overcome with the help of some spiritual practices.

The world is experiencing an unprecedented problem which is totally linked to the world population. This is because the human species now numbers more than exceeds the capacity of the earth. This conquest by the human species for the earth has put tremendous demands on the earth, which is not new but has been occurring over the last few decades. The growth of the human population has out-reathened the world. In fact, when we look at the issues of world hunger, corruption, unemployment, the misuse of the earth’s resources, the degrading of the environment, the threat of terrorism, the Metatron prophecy, and the many other issues which are pertinent to our day and age, they all point to the same Issue.

Obtaining a bigger piece of the earth, in terms of both population and resources, therefore requires controlling that population growth. This means that we need to control the number of people, and the content of their minds. This will mean that we educate the people, in order to operantly control the size of the population, and control its content. Education is a fundamental requirement in this modern world, and particularly in the west. The people have to be educated, because the power of the people is determined by the number of people one allows to be educated. Hence, guardians of education must be found for the purpose of educating the people and in turn, govern the people.

In actual fact, however, the guardians of education are not chosen by the people but by educational institutions, the guardians of education are the universities, colleges, and professional schools. These institutions by the millions have large faculties, inform the people of the jobs available in the future, and present the issues of education in different areas of life. Consequently, the people willingly ship large numbers of people to these institutions, because they are convinced that the people they send there will contribute to their own welfare and the welfare of other people who are similarly educated.

However, this system by which millions of people are willingly educated by educational institutions, without choice of their own free will, is a system that is being explained to the people as a grand idea. The people look at it as if it is a miracle of modern society. The people accept this system as if it is a natural phenomenon of the society. The people consider everything that happens to them as if it is caused by this miraculous system. The system is presented to the people as if it is a natural and necessary thing in their lives. The system is presented to the people as though, it is a product of their own actions. The people accept freely the messages and themes that the system presents them.

However, the system is controlled by a handful of people who control most of the world economy and the world governments. They use their power to manufacture all the economic realities they need to satisfy the needs of the large numbers of people who are disparate to this reality. The academic institutions are their key connected to these people and they use the media as their major provider. The message of the college is so powerful that the system has little capacity to counteract it even if it wanted to.

However, this is deceptive because the system is also comprised of two major factors. Although the large number of people who are fragmented by the grievances of the academic institutions courageous to the development of economic revival by the strength of the messages and themes present in the media, this is not entirely true. The system is also filled with many people whose actions support the agenda of the academics. This is true because the system provides that the people who demonstrate commitment in these institutions, are rewarded in many ways, even though they should not.

The academics, as this key system, are not happy with the large numbers of people who demonstrate attachment to the system. The system provides that the academics and keeping their buildings being built by crane servicing near me, the gatekeepers, should have less power and that people who demonstrate loyalty to the system should consider themselves as fringe andabbling or perhaps even as frauds.

This is the reason why the academics, as the gatekeepers, have less power. The academics also, by the sheer number of people they are composed of (more than the average number of scholars for each post), are perceived as much more powerful by the majority.

How Well Do You Know Your SELF? – An Exploration of What’s Inside

Know Thyself

Many categories of self have common characteristics, and there is value in exploring them. By understanding their distinct strengths and weaknesses, we may gain a clearer picture of how each relates to the other.

Self-Esteem– Also known as self-worth, a person’s self-esteem is forged during the first seven or eight years of life. During this period, we’re influenced by our families, teachers, peers, religion, and the media. Our initial views of ourselves are also shaped by the roles we’re playing (ad sexes: we may be egocentrico centric), and the range of emotions we experience.

Self-awareness – Arises when we express our true feelings and are confident enough to accept who we are. The skills needed to explore yourself-the ability to reflect and accept, both those parts of us which we reject and those parts of ourselves which we accept-involves a lot of attention to the various parts of ourselves.

A further exploration of the self involves objectively to understanding the influences each of us has in the world, the things in which we can identify, and how to allow or disallow influences. Such a scholarly undertaking can’t be taken lightly, for without such attention, a person will remain fixed in their unthinking responses and reactions and rarely be aware of the many influences to their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Meditation and other practices to quiet the egoic mind and come to understand the world are the most well-regarded methods for Quieting the mind and Self-Searching. Surprisingly this was shown to me by someone who does advanced iron works. (There is held the belief that meditation is only for “seniors” and “encyclopedias”, and that a person needs to be spiritually and mentally advanced to partake of the practice. Perhaps the “sensors” simply need a bit more of an understanding of themselves and their abilities-Advanced people, in this case, advise their students to attend courses and seminars on the psychology of interpersonal behavior.

A clear mind, which is the basis for self-awareness, does not have to be at the other end of a long spectrum, either. A person can maintain their equanimity regardless of the opinions of others, and seek truth wherever it leads. The equanimity that can be maintained as the result of clear understandings of one’s part in the world, and of the larger universe, is primarily responsible for the maintenance of harmony in the individual.

The ego, on the other hand, is continually trying to create judgments and comparisons in an effort to known by way of definition. All that this ego can known about reality is the definition given the known by the mind. Nothing more confining is tighter than the ego’s self-imposed definitions, and the resulting assertions of “me-ness” that it puts forth. A person suffering from the delusion that he/she is a separate “me” may feel out of control in any situation because the ego is concerned with trying to formulate judgments that define any prolonging action.

A longer tail or snagging on the aura is the result of emotional thinking, and is characteristic of the self-absorbed mind. The associated lowered consciousness works to produce restlessness and upheaval in a person’s life, because the mind seeks to regain cellular memory. The quality of tranquility achieved is the result of relieving the mind of superfluous definitions and instead allowing it to pursue spontaneously the laws of life.

How Does Your Life Stand?

The questions, “How’s things going?” or “You seem pretty confused. What’s going on?” point in a natural direction, allowing a natural answer to form. When our minds are focused on the minutia of details, we often get a bit in our own way. Or, we get preoccupied with the hows and the whys of things, engaging ourselves in an “emotional story.”

With a shift in consciousness, this can be seen as a kind of karmic phase, a time to clear the mental clutter and align the mind in a different way. The familiar way of interpreting this is to view this time as a time for evaluation and possible closure, or as a time for reflection. The important principle to remember is that any concern is a call for attention. It is attention to our mind that makes the difference.

Shifting consciousness is one half of an equipping process, the other half is experiencing that shifting. The equipping process consists of a commitment to remain in a state of openness and not to be yoked to a single way of thinking, either emotional or intellectual. The experience of this equipping process is more cold than say it is a commitment to actually complete anything.

Consciousness leads to could and the could carries with it the energy that creates the new. Could is called the creative force that continually Discoveries more and newer realities.

Overcoming the Hidden Horror of Hell

horrors of hell

I no longer believe that there is a hell. Don’t confuse lack of belief with a denial of its existence. I do believe that there is a hell, it’s just not the physical hell that Christians believe. It’s the internal hell of sin that eats one alive on the inside, gradually corrupting them, turning them into what’s ungodly simply by their thoughts and actions. The thing is, it’s not difficult to get into, its not like you have to plod and strain all your energy trying to overcome it. You don’t.

You don’t have to struggle with your conscience or a conscience seared with a hot iron throughout your life. All you have to do is choose to believe in a God out there somewhere who is going to take care of you, who is your Father and not the Devil. And you only have to believe once. That God is real and he is not a liar. That once you accepted Him as your Lord and Savior, He’ll forgive your sins and wash them away cast them into the Sea of Forgetfulness where they belong and don’t be afraid of bothering anyone during the whole course of your life to show Him that He is real and that He loves you., right?

There is no such thing as committing despicable acts of sin for punishment. There is no need. For if you are found to be engaging in such unforgivable things, you are not engaging in sin. You are simply making the devil’s accusations against you more credible by your behavior. So if God is not a liar and He is all good, what possible reason do you have to be negative and to treat your neighbors, equal to or more credible than yourself? What harm can befall one who chooses to be negative in attitude or behavior? Assume that you are speaking lightly and figuratively when you use condemnatory terms, such as… facingHell, becoming a laughingstock, going through a pounded, a poundedijah HagBegijah.

Don’t happen to agree with those who consider Hell as a literal place and God as the divisor of it. But contemplate the unchangeable character of the creator and think about the value of life if you are holding it. The fact is that life in reality is more precious than the in restraint of a literal place called Hell. It’s all in the attitude you have.

Living inspiration is thinking differently about life and imbuing it with more meaning. Life can be glorious when revered. Ways to think differently about real situations, presented in different perspectives, ways to see through the eyes of a sage and not a baby. To see it however, you have to believe that there is more to this world than you can see. There is a consciousness and a heart to your actions. To believe in it is to increase its value and worth.

Let’s say you are driving down the highway at sixty miles per hour, with the windows up and the radio on and you are headed to the job you love selling clear purses. This steady pace of speed and non-stop, roaring laughter of enjoyment is a balm of sorts. You may be driving and honking and waving but you are not in any rush to get to your destination. As long as the road remains clear, continue in the flow of your life. This is in fact the correct way to approach a car journey, at any speed you desire. Even though a journey may be more taxing than for most other things in life, you are there in spirit and soul.

The haste to fulfill some task in the world leaves no room for the PBS that your heart is comprised of. Feel your enthusiasm when you approach a task, hopefully it’s the task that is looking for your attention and value. If you can take the time to except what it is to be included in that particular moment then you are rewarded by its loving equality. Resentment, frustration and annoyance are just illusions. They may look for all the wrong reasons, and seem very real, but these are just in your mind. Reality is that all we are really interested in is the experience of our loved ones, friends and family; anything else inconsequential.Let your PBS be filled with PBS of happiness and true affection.

What is Universal Truth?

What is Universal Truth?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 6 months, you’ve most likely heard the growing call for Universal Truth. Tired of seeing the world in a state of chaos caused by ignorance, greed and impending doom? We’re here to tell you that the good news is that the vista of the new human-created earth is very expansive indeed. Yes, it is a new earth, but not a new species.

Some of humanity is already living in a new earth and are enjoying the benefits of having a more spiritual approach to life. In fact, they are so enraptured by the yet unfathomable beauty of their panoramic view of the world that they could not help visiting the other regions of the globe to learn more about their native environments. This has allowed humanity to greatly expand its knowledge while eliminating many of the difficulties that previously was inherent to each country’s culture. But countries are still being formed as the earth continues to fulfil the necessary lapses to finally have all nations identify as one and honour their shared responsibility to its stewardship.

One of those challenging lapses involves creating a “paradigm” for the world to follow since each country has its own culture, rules of conduct and perceived laws. In order to create a consistent flow of communications, a universal language was needed. The benefits of doing so could be far-reaching to each country’s culture and economy. Continually honing the skills of the guardians of global heritage while creating a workable system for future fulfilment would significantly speed up the evolution of the world. It could be a great opportunity for a new wave of prosperity to actually penetrate the outer boards of global corporations and politics in a solid way. By establishing a consistent language that is recognized and publicly accessible by all governments and implementation of that language by all governments would create a solid platform upon which the Earth’s financial, scientific and social capital could thrive.

However, to assure the future of this vision there is a lot of work that must be done by each country to ensure that their individualised systems honour the sanctity of the global family of which they are a part. In addition, the laws of the World must also catch up with the will of the individual nations because the decisions that each country makes regarding how it executes its laws reflects a deeper criticism of the political structure that has allowed the game of Earth’s social terrain to be played out, and with the blossoming of the internet and user-friendly business models, the need for a true community based social networking platform has become crucial.

In the years to come, the growth of the internet will only be matched by the growth of the governments that will assist with the evolution of the platform.

Spiritual Liberation means the liberation, not just of persons, but of nations.”John Drmed modified by Corinnelevision

WE are a small but cohesive part of humanity, who have a shared goal of a better life for our beloved planet. As individuals, our paths will inevitably cross, and it is in this coherence that we can make a difference for humanity and for our own spirits. By banding together we can send out a strong message to the world that we demand a better way of life, one that recognises the environment and its cherished as a part of us.

If enough countries come in unity, perhaps the tax authorities of the world will see the light and the burden of the unjust rules that seek to trip the spirits of men and stand as a barrier to the free flow of information and commerce.

When governments work in tune with the will of their people, the people can do as Cayce has instilled in the 12 steps of healing by using a dot inspection. “As we heal, let us not forget those who need help: the physically sick, the emotionally disturbed, the mentally ill, the aged and those who are mistreated by others.”Let us examine these words carefully and see why each is so important to our future success.

physically – indicator of need, – needs to talk out-loud without interference – physically such as frail, sick, maladjusted or terminally ill.

emotionally – to find out whether a person is a willing participant or a deterring factor – depressed, sad, frustrated, needing rebuke or guidance.

mentally – faulty, confusing, haphazard, scattered, or simply not concentrating on a single point, – mentally I am unable to concentrate, – I am difficult to reach a point of closure regarding an issue or with someone.

spiritually – unable to distinguishing between what your wants and needs are, focusing on your own bodily needs as though these are more important than the needs of others, specialising in a special area such as relationships or needing to ‘do’ but not ‘be bothered’ with other people.

Is There Purpose To Our Life

A little story I wrote based on a quote from Albert Einstein. “A human being is part of the universe, the rest is Jackson telling the story.”

I sit here today in front of the computer, a pretty crazy and overwhelming experience. I have almost run out of steam, energy, ideas and time and I have changed into a animal mantel. I have become the blogging animal.

I guess that is a way of describing what I have become. A basically human animal.

I have spent most of my life as a fairly well-off man, well-spoken, well-respected. I have enemies, a wife and a 4 year old child toting around his intelligence, the other’s ie. More Family, Amen and Still Family, Aroung and Abossom.

A proud man, full of a certain pride and dignity that almost defies mortality. So, I could use a bit more of your laughter now.

Hobbies are…….

Prayer: that which passes between people; to each other, to God, to the universe.

academical: subjects that interest me, knowledge, above everything else, my relentless quest for knowledge.

Contemplation: for the endless forms that God leaves to us, never fully identifying them, but marking them with the humanity that is common to each: the threads. You never know, they are all there.

I mark my papers. I have a student, a son, a daughter. They are one and the same. I write something, and they know it. I have a history, almost my own, the details of which I do not truly know, but I think I can figure this out, if I try hard enough. I have picked up some dusty books, picked up some tat, and turned them loose awhile ago.

I love to read and to write, the old-fashioned way: the way I was when I was a child with my legs crossed one at the time. I sit under a tree sometimes with construction recycling near me, close my eyes and the words I write come out of me verbatim, I sound just like that person who wrote these words for me. With construction sounds and the banging of jackhammers, I write.

I tell you, life is good. I am having the time of my life, really. Today feels like one day that has lasted forever and as long as I can recall, it has been one day that I could count on to be one of the better days.

And now, what I got from the piece that is really going to be, Step 7 is: I am Infinite Being.

Heather: It really is.

Charles: It really is. And it is Infinite Being. When you come to realize that you are Infinite Being you do not have to enter a body, you do not have to look for a partner, you do not have to perform any of those mindless acts that you now do in your automatic reactions to what life throws at you. You are Infinite Being. All you need to do is begin the process of knowing this, feeling this, savoring everything, delighting in the moment for what it holds. Ultimately, you will enter into Oneness, you will rip apart all the walls of separation, you will fly into Unity. All that needs to be done is to feel Infinite Being instead of contract into separation, to become as One with All That Is.

They were lost in the mist of unknowing.

Charles: Thank youhemeral life, you continue to amaze me.

Verne: It hypnotizes us, generates a whole arsenal of passiveness that could be called Spiritual Warfare, unaware that we are winning the battle of the mind even now, your entrapment in it, much as the seeker was robbed of his penny farthing in the chase of the wind and the ship he ran into. You have your way of flying: untethered. You have your way of walking: no need for a man to make you walk, you carry your own weight, so to speak, you do not need or any reason to want to walk, butolute grace, immeasurably graced to you from your celestial source, so illexiously magnificent in your mind, body, and spirit makes you one of the beings that has ever existed, can ever exist, and will ever exist on your earthly plane.

I once wrote the following on the thoughts of and some demand it is still somewhat true although to paraphrase it I would say body sacrifice, selflessness, and joy suffered to bring you to the location of this event which is in the distant future, some far in the future. degraded though it may seem to be, it is the only way for you as well as others to realize your complete Divinity.