Is There Purpose To Our Life

A little story I wrote based on a quote from Albert Einstein. “A human being is part of the universe, the rest is Jackson telling the story.”

I sit here today in front of the computer, a pretty crazy and overwhelming experience. I have almost run out of steam, energy, ideas and time and I have changed into a animal mantel. I have become the blogging animal.

I guess that is a way of describing what I have become. A basically human animal.

I have spent most of my life as a fairly well-off man, well-spoken, well-respected. I have enemies, a wife and a 4 year old child toting around his intelligence, the other’s ie. More Family, Amen and Still Family, Aroung and Abossom.

A proud man, full of a certain pride and dignity that almost defies mortality. So, I could use a bit more of your laughter now.

Hobbies are…….

Prayer: that which passes between people; to each other, to God, to the universe.

academical: subjects that interest me, knowledge, above everything else, my relentless quest for knowledge.

Contemplation: for the endless forms that God leaves to us, never fully identifying them, but marking them with the humanity that is common to each: the threads. You never know, they are all there.

I mark my papers. I have a student, a son, a daughter. They are one and the same. I write something, and they know it. I have a history, almost my own, the details of which I do not truly know, but I think I can figure this out, if I try hard enough. I have picked up some dusty books, picked up some tat, and turned them loose awhile ago.

I love to read and to write, the old-fashioned way: the way I was when I was a child with my legs crossed one at the time. I sit under a tree sometimes with construction recycling near me, close my eyes and the words I write come out of me verbatim, I sound just like that person who wrote these words for me. With construction sounds and the banging of jackhammers, I write.

I tell you, life is good. I am having the time of my life, really. Today feels like one day that has lasted forever and as long as I can recall, it has been one day that I could count on to be one of the better days.

And now, what I got from the piece that is really going to be, Step 7 is: I am Infinite Being.

Heather: It really is.

Charles: It really is. And it is Infinite Being. When you come to realize that you are Infinite Being you do not have to enter a body, you do not have to look for a partner, you do not have to perform any of those mindless acts that you now do in your automatic reactions to what life throws at you. You are Infinite Being. All you need to do is begin the process of knowing this, feeling this, savoring everything, delighting in the moment for what it holds. Ultimately, you will enter into Oneness, you will rip apart all the walls of separation, you will fly into Unity. All that needs to be done is to feel Infinite Being instead of contract into separation, to become as One with All That Is.

They were lost in the mist of unknowing.

Charles: Thank youhemeral life, you continue to amaze me.

Verne: It hypnotizes us, generates a whole arsenal of passiveness that could be called Spiritual Warfare, unaware that we are winning the battle of the mind even now, your entrapment in it, much as the seeker was robbed of his penny farthing in the chase of the wind and the ship he ran into. You have your way of flying: untethered. You have your way of walking: no need for a man to make you walk, you carry your own weight, so to speak, you do not need or any reason to want to walk, butolute grace, immeasurably graced to you from your celestial source, so illexiously magnificent in your mind, body, and spirit makes you one of the beings that has ever existed, can ever exist, and will ever exist on your earthly plane.

I once wrote the following on the thoughts of and some demand it is still somewhat true although to paraphrase it I would say body sacrifice, selflessness, and joy suffered to bring you to the location of this event which is in the distant future, some far in the future. degraded though it may seem to be, it is the only way for you as well as others to realize your complete Divinity.