Why a Church Should Consider Having Gouldian Finches in Their Lobby

church lobby should have gouldian finches

The lobby is the first place your congregation sees whenever they come to your church. Its design could determine your ability to attract and retain new members. Even if your old members are loyal to your church, and they are unlikely to abandon it because of the shabby appearance of your lobby, you are still encouraged to enhance its appearance.

This will encourage your members to congregate in the area, and to use the lobby to engage and interact with one another after church. If you can keep your members engaged in the lobby, it will give you an opportunity to talk to them. And what leader doesn’t want to connect with his church members after a riveting service?

If you don’t know how to spruce up your lobby, consider adding some Gouldian finches. The birds, which are native to Australia, have so much to offer. For instance:

1). Appearance

Gouldian finches are very beautiful. People keep them because their plumage is so gorgeous. It would be easy to populate your lobby with art pieces and flowers. But a finch is far better because it is just as colorful as the most attractive flower and yet it is alive. You can find finches in a variety of colors.

price of gouldian finch

2). Song

Like many birds, finches sing. Some people dislike their sound. But most of your church members are bound to enjoy it. It will add some energy to the quietest days, giving the people in the vicinity something to listen to. You don’t have to worry about the birds disrupting service. They make noise but they are not that loud.

If anything, they will enhance the sermon with their sounds by complementing your preacher’s voice.

3). Activity

Gouldian finches don’t like humans. This makes people think that they are anti-social but that isn’t true. Finches are quite playful with one another, especially if they are kept in a spacious cage. Your church members, both young and old, will enjoy watching these creatures as they frolic.

This is another reason why they are preferable to plants and art pieces. You cannot rely on an art piece to entertain you. The same is true for plants and flowers. They are static items that never move. Birds like finches, on the other hand, will keep your visitors entertained for several hours on end, particularly if you have several birds.

gouldian finches

4). Human Interaction

The problem with keeping pets in a public space is that people are always trying to pet them. This is a problem because such human interaction can give the pets in question the opportunity to escape.

Some pets entice people to touch and pet them with their behavior. But gouldian finches are different. As was noted above, they hate human interaction. Therefore, no one will fault you for putting up signs that discourage people from touching them.

More importantly, finches won’t invite human interaction. You don’t have to worry about hapless visitors accidentally opening their cages and setting them loose. Your church members will be content to simply look at them.